HGP Photographer’s Assistant

Introducing... Lindsey!
Well sort of introducing.
Introducing a leg... and an arm of Lindsey.
But there is a point.
Lindsey is behind the scenes at HGP (if you watch the live video on Facebook she's in the background playing with big sis) and she's my other half at my newborn sessions.
She's forever finding my camera for me, giving me choices for beans because I never know which size I truly want, moving lighting equipment, changing out backdrops, playing with older siblings, snuggling babes, keeping me hydrated, CLEANING UP AFTER SESSION (you have no idea how significant that help is) etc.
Her primary job however is keeping your baby safe. Above all else, she's always alert and ready in case those little buggers discover head control or try to froggy out of a pose.
That's exactly what she's doing below. She's within reach of your baby at all times when I'm shooting.
I don't do sessions without her. Your newborn's safety is my PRIMARY concern. Yes, I love getting gorgeous imagery, but there's no point in it if we don't keep everyone safe and healthy for the session.
Here's what one of my recent clients said about Lindsey: "Lindsay made the pictures this second time literally feel like a vacation from parenting for the couple of hours we were in studio. She was very focused on making sure our baby was safe the entire time. My husband and I could relax while pictures were going on. She was also fun to talk with in between sets. Very down to earth and easy to talk to.  All in all, you can tell she and Jen make a great team."
If I'm being honest, a TON goes on behind the scenes to prepare for a newborn session, however NONE of it happens without a sitter for Ella (and if you know Ella, there may be a chance there's only a few people willing to put up with her ;)) and Lindsey.
If you're expecting, please, please, please consider getting on the calendar sooner rather than later so I can start getting ducks in a row.
So here's Lindsey- or parts of Lindsey. One of these days I'll make her get in front of the camera instead of behind and formally introduce ya'll.