Hadley’s Simple Rustic Newborn Session

Hadley ROCKED her newborn session.

Lately, I've been starting with a pose called Timber.  And until Miss Hadley graced my studio, I had yet to actually nail it the way I wanted.  But little girl changed that within the first 10 minutes of being placed on my beanbag.  I think I fell head over heels right then.  The rest of the session went just as smooth, and I sent her parents a whopping 90+ images for a proofing gallery.  As a mother, I literally can't hit the delete button on images that I could image being on my own wall, or would love to see in an album.  As a photographer, I know this is a ridiculous amount, but I can't help it.  Especially when you factor in an pretty photogenic big sister.

Anderson came towards the end of the session and ended up in one of Gemma's dresses I keep in the studio for sessions exactly like these.  Every time she looked at the camera she flashed brilliant smiles that make me wish Gemma wasn't in the super awkward, forced smile faze of the typical five year old.  Needless to say, family and sibling pictures took up to almost a third of the gallery, but when you have a peanut like Hadley, mom and dad perfectly coordinated (although Hadley had an oops on dad) and an older sister with a smile like Anderson's, it's bound to happen.

When I sent out the survey, I had mom fill out her color requests for backdrops.  HGP has over 30 to choose from for the beanbag flow, so we matched her colors perfectly.  Her only other request was to have simple and rustic setups.  Luckily I spend way too much time sourcing props from The Perfect Pair and newborn prop vendors, so I had the perfect drawer to put her in and mom picked some of my favorite tiebacks to complete each set.

I've had lots of smiley babies.  They make my day, if not my month as I edit them and get to enjoy the smiles over and over again.  It may be a BIG reason I can't delete images.  How do you delete an image of a smiling baby.  You don't is the short answer.  You edit every. single. one.  Happily.  There's never a time a smiling baby image won't make you smiles, amiright?