The fastest three weeks

Are you pregnant?

You’ve been told.  Over and over and over again.  This time will go so fast.

You probably believe them.  You know that they have to be right.  You’ve heard countless times how fast time flies when you have children.

It’s hard to imagine this though while still pregnant.

Once your baby is here, you’ll find yourself wishing for baby to smile back at you, to hear that first giggle.  Maybe you’d love for tummy time to happen without screaming.  Then you’re wishing for baby to sit up, to crawl, to take those first few steps.  To finally hear mama instead of dada.

But then you wake up one day, and a year has passed.  A little over a year ago you were wishing for time to speed up so you could meet your little one (and let’s not talk about how miserable those last few weeks are), and now if you could wish for anything, you’d wish to go back.

To feel those kicks (or thumps depending on the day).

To not mind the endless nights up with your baby because you can’t stop staring at the little human you grew.

To spend those precious few hours memorizing every feature of your new baby.

Imagine this first year is up.  Do you have the album of your babies first days?  The flaky skin, the fuzz that hung around on their ears, the curly, pink toes?

The newborn phase will literally be here and gone in a matter of weeks.  Everything that makes your baby a newborn will fade into infancy and then toddler hood, and the hopes and dreams of what is to come.

So this May, I’m launching my Fresh Faces Project.

To launch the project, for a limited amount of time, I’m running the biggest special of the year for newborns, good through the end of May.  Retainer must be paid in May, good for any baby to be born in 2017.

What is included

    – 2-3 hour session of poses designed for your baby’s comfort and safety

    – family poses welcome

    – $25 print or digital file credit

    – One complimentary digital file (perfect for announcements!)

    – Beautiful 8×10 collage with handwritten note from mom and dad to newborn (a $50 value)

– On-line proofing gallery to select choices

– All of this included with a $99 session fee (50% off until the end of May)

The fastest three weeks May Special