When was the last time you had family pictures?  When was the last time you had family pictures you love? That you look at the pictures and remembered a fabulous experience to accompany the pictures.

Coming from a mom that has yet to get a single picture where everyone is smiling, I've grown to love whatever stage my kiddos are in and embrace the prayer hands that Gemma last chose in the ONLY picture where she had her eyes open.  Literally, she never cooperated and required a full body swap to even get a picture of the family looking somewhat normal.  Turns out we're not normal, but who is?

Anyways, I know family pictures are bittersweet in a sense.  You know you want them, but you're not sure you can stomach convincing the spouse, what you'll actually look good in, dressing the family, and kids.  Kids who are unpredictable, ornery, and can sense when you really, really, want something.  Like family pictures.  I lovingly refer to the meltdown that occurs as batshit crazy.  One of my long time clients recently described it best though: they go kung fu panda.

Mama, I understand the stress.  Yet, I want to photograph you and your kids, and I'm not one bit worried about how kids behave and if we'll get pictures you'll love.  I guarantee it, or we meet again.  Good, bad, bruised (because it happens before pictures. Every. Time) I look forward to every session.  I know besides selfies you don't exist in pictures enough.  I want you to love the process: the initial consultation, the what to wear guide and prep guide, delivery of your gallery (print release included) and the gorgeous products we offer as add on's.

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