Ending the day in a perfect way~ The Reed Wedding, Forsyth, Il

Elizabeth & Justin's wedding day started out pretty similar to today- gray and overcast.  It quickly devolved into a bunch of rain with out sun in sight according to the forecast.  After stalking WAND, I knew we would end up having a decent window to do all of their photography later in the day so I truly wasn't worried- even if that meant gray and overcast- I knew it would be beautiful.  What I wasn't expecting was the gorgeous light we ended up finding every so often throughout the day, especially the last 20 minutes I was with them!  Swoon!

I've known Elizabeth & Justin for over five years each now and have photographed the boys since they were babies.  Their wedding was such a beautiful one as they joined the boys together and created a gorgeous family.  Their families are some of the nicest I've ever had the pleasure of working with, and I look forward to many sessions in the future with the now Mr. & Mrs. Reed!

While you never necessarily want your wedding day to start out pouring and gray when your reception is completely outside, Mother Nature provided and not only did the reception turn out gorgeous with perfect weather, when we went to do our last batch of pictures for the day we could not have asked for better light to peek out between the clouds.  The reception was just a minute away from a field of wildflowers and Liz said they were up for anything- so in they went, and man did magic happen.  My second shooter even had them sit IN the field, which you know is no easy feat in a suit and big beautiful wedding dress!

Elizabeth & Justin, thank you so much for welcoming HGP to be a part of your day.  I'm honored and blessed to have clients such as you guys.  I wish you the absolute best with all the happiness marriage provides and hope you love the sneak peeks!