Easton’s Newborn Session~Decatur, Il Photographer~ Newborn Photographer~

I’m in love with Easton’s session.  He slept practically the whole time, and didn’t mind one bit that I messed with him to get him posed until the very end (picture below).  As a plus, I was able to use two of my newest props, and the results could not be cuter!  AND, he didn’t pee on me the whole session (that NEVER happens!) Which images are your favorite?  I’m thinking the teddy bear with matching bonnet is my favorite!  Check out his gallery here (he starts about halfway down on the page on the gray rug).

EastonNewbornSession (1 of 1)-23

EastonNewbornSession (1 of 1)-6    EastonNewbornSession (1 of 1)-34

I’m sure it’s hard to tell, but I updated my wood backdrop!  My dad and I spent many hours (mostly at Menards picking out the wood) putting together this new backdrop so I would have more room to work, and be able to fit bigger families on the backdrop.  I love the warmth this new backdrop has, and the fact it feels more sturdy than my last one (probably because Dad had a hand in building it).

EastonNewbornSession (1 of 1)-8

I was so excited when mom liked my newest backdrop.  It’s a mint green, and Easton looked adorable all sleepy on it!  It has just a little bit of texture that makes the pictures just a little more interesting.  We used a pretty cream one too since Easton was sleeping like a dream.  Overall, his session was a huge success!


EastonNewbornSession (1 of 1)-12

Stay tuned for a special announcement on Monday, and an update on the mommy and me session!  So excited for a new collaboration!