Easton newborn session, 8 days new! ~Decatur, Il newborn photographer~

Ahh! Easton was such a doll to work with. He slept through pretty much all of the beanbag poses, wanted nothing to do with a bucket pose, and called the day before we got the Christmas picture. Admittedly, the beanbag was going so well, I probably spent too much time messing with those poses. But who wouldn’t when they have such a squishy, sleeping baby in the studio!  Check out his gallery to see his adorable squishiness!

Easton (1 of 1)-22

I’m new to wrapping techniques.  I’m not gonna lie.  Half the reason I wanted Easton in my studio was to practice wraps, and I’m so glad I did.  I caught a bunch of adorable faces, and a half smile even!  And the wrap didn’t look half bad!

Easton (1 of 1)-70

Easton (1 of 1)-66

Mom brought a few things that Dad loves, so we made sure to incorporate those into the session as well.  Head over to the gallery to see!  Apparently Duke is a big thing in this household!Easton (1 of 1)-55   I usually do family/mom pictures at the end of the session.  I  never really thought about it until Easton went into mom’s arms, posed adorably, and started peeing all over the place.  We’re talking a waterfall.  Which made me really glad we waited until the end so mom didn’t end up sitting in wet clothes for the duration.  But the pictures of the two of them were so worth it, look at this gorgeous mom with her son!Easton (1 of 1)-88

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