A Downtown Decatur Wedding, Blair & Taylor Williams

I’ve been so excited to blog the Williams wedding.  Usually it’s because of how amazing the images from the day turn out (which theirs are) but because of something kinda corny.  It’s because I wanted to attempt to convey how much love was really felt the day of their wedding.  You always hope on your wedding day that your guests feel how much you love each other.  Taylor and Blair totally killed this.  They. Were. Adorable.

Downtown Decatur Wedding

I know, I know.  Every wedding has love.  Every wedding is beautiful.  But when I try to sum up the day, all I can think of is Blair saying “let’s do that again” right after he married Taylor.  It’s because he truly loved marrying her.  Obviously, the sentiment was shared; Taylor didn’t even make it to the door of the church before pausing with her dad while tearing up.

Decatur Il Wedding Photographer

With every wedding I have my favorite parts.  Usually it’s the portraits.  And yes, they are still my favorites.  I have to say though that I really enjoyed their vows.  They wrote their own, and beautifully so.   The recited them with tears in their eyes, but laughing the whole time.  From beginning to end you could see the adoration, respect, and love they had for each other.  They laughed together, cried together, and really had one of my most joyous ceremonies I’ve photographed.  Here’s a few tips I found online on writing your own heartfelt vows (written by a photog, no less!).



Downtown Decatur Wedding

When I first sat down with the Williams’, they expressed how they had pictures taken previously, and really enjoyed the urban look rather than the nature settings.  Since their reception was downtown, it made complete sense to head to the Old Goods Building where we would not only have the look they were going for, but also the space for the bridal party subsequent portraits with plenty of variety.  In addition, they wanted pictures at the fountain since they’ve been doing a picture there for all major events since they’ve been together.  All in all, a gorgeous evening with a beautiful couple.









Taylor literally asked Blaire if he trusted her while cutting the cake.  Hilarity ensues.


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And Blair- you’re the first groom to actually love taking pictures, so thank you.  You made my job beautifully easy!