Cohen’s 6 month session ~Decatur, Il Photographer~ Milestone Photography~6 month session~

I love my milestone babies, it means I get to see you guys every few months!  Cohen first came to see me for his 3 month session- you guessed it, 3 months ago.  His mom and dad were residents of mine at the apartment complex I worked at years ago, and I was happy to see their little family growing.  Check out the gallery of Cohen’s 6 month milestone session (he starts at the second picture).

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Most 6 months old give me smiles without too many problems.  Like most kiddos, they eventually get tired of us trying to get them to smile, and write us off after about 45 mins.  I swear that all this kid did was smile the whole time (or play with Easter eggs, more on that later).  The one time he cried, he turned his tears into smiles in .2 seconds flat.  It was adorable.

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This mom proves there ARE adorable outfits for boys out there.  Granted, they aren’t always as easy to find as girls clothes, but she has awesome taste when it comes to picking out his outfits for pictures.  As a bonus, we were able to use a hat that was used for his big sister’s pics at one point.  Obviously with it being Easter soon, we incorporated eggs.  You’d think that after doing this for a solid year now, I remember not to give something so fun to play with.  We still got him to look up, but I’m pretty sure a parent was doing backflips to get him to do so.  He LOVED the eggs.

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Anyways, in case you couldn’t tell, Cohen is absolutely adorbs.  His smile is infectious, and does wonders for the soul.  I only wish my toddler could be      as happy!  Whose with me?!

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