Chloe’s first milestone session ~ 3month session~

I love when clients bring their newborns to me.  I love it even more when they decide to come see me again!  Mindy & Matt brought miss Chloe to me last week for her first of hopefully many milestone session- her three month session.  This little girl was so alert her whole session.  Mom and I stressed for a bit because we weren’t getting classic Chloe smiles.  Low and behold, as I was editing, I realized I got some amazing smiley pictures from her!  I love these toothless smiles of this age!  Click this link to see more of Chloe’s album with a handful of precious smiles!

Chloe3Month (1 of 1)-23

One of my favorite things about babies are when they grab their toes.  I can’t tell you why I enjoy this little facet of infancy, but it cracks me up, and I love capturing them grabbing their tootsies and folding in half like only a baby can (well perhaps there are adults that can, but I highly doubt its as adorable).

Chloe3Month (1 of 1)-16

And finally, the dreaded tummy time.  I’m sure there are plenty of reasons parents should do tummy time, but when it comes to pictures, I love those looks they give me while on their tummies.  I mean, look at how big those eyes are!  And while I’m sure Chloe doesn’t always love tummy time, she rocked it the day of our session.

Chloe3Month (1 of 1)-7

I’ll be honest, this age used to be the hardest for me to photograph.  They aren’t squishy and bendy like newborns, and aren’t as smiley as six month olds.  However, with lots of practice on my part, I think you’ll see three month olds and I totally get along now.   Chloe’s pictures are just downright gorgeous.  She was totally a ham for the camera, and I think her personality shines through.


A special shout goes to Michelle & Lillybug Creations for the awesome hair bows.  I was so excited to be able to put the newest ones to use!


Chloe3Month (1 of 1)-4Chloe3Month (1 of 1)-22Chloe3Month (1 of 1)

Chloe3Month (1 of 1)-13Chloe3Month (1 of 1)-8