Brooke & Hunter ~Decatur, Il children’s photographer~

 These two cuties came to me for their birthday pictures about a month apart. Brooke turned 7 & Hunter turned 3. Sarah styled the kids perfectly. Simply with light patterns, but the kids looked amazing, and their outfits clearly matched their personalities.  Follow this link  to see their outfits in action!

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Poor Brooke was so willing to do the pictures, but of course, we got rained on. But it didn’t stop us! We just danced in the rain. Interesting fact: Sarah and I both pulled up the WAND app, and had two different displays on the radar. Mine showed nothing, and hers showed rain. Clearly, mine was incorrect.

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But I digress. Brooke and I just improvised a bit, and you’d never know we were pretty damp by the end of the session. I have to say that her images turned out amazing, and it was so fun working with her. She was a true joy to photograph. Now if I could just get my hair to look as awesome as hers…

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Fast forward a month and Hunter was in front of my camera for his birthday session. I’m sure many of you have heard me say it, but for me, the age of 3-4 has been the hardest to photograph. This particular age group has a tough time holding their hands down, looking at a camera, AND smiling. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve, so we always get the pictures, but sometimes it takes a bit.

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This particular day was gorgeous out! We walked all over Rock Springs to keep things interesting, and keep Hunter engaged. He was more than willing to smile, and I’d like to think we had fun. We ended the session by the pond with a fishing pole I borrowed from my husband. While trying to cast the darn thing into the water, I managed to get the bobber snagged in a tree. So while we got some adorable pictures, I almost had to abandon a fishing rod hanging from a tree until I managed to get the line cut.


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And if nothing else, we love to get the candid moments, where smiles aren’t necessary!

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