Brian & Lane Engagement Session

Occasionally, I’ll edit a session through the night because I can’t put my computer down.  When I do this, I look like an idiot because I’m usually grinning as I’m SO in love with the session.  This does not mean I don’t love every session I do, but getting outside to a new property and having a gorgeous sunset to work with just makes me wonderfully content (and apparently grinning like above mentioned idiot when editing).

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With that said, I LOVE how Brian and Lane’s engagement session turned out.  We have been trying to get these pictures taken for FOREVER.  Weather was not our friend for the first couple attempts, schedules could not be coordinated, and frankly, I wanted to be slightly picky with the kind of day we had.  I really envisioned a clear sky.  Luckily they were free Sunday, my mom was in town to watch Bug, and despite the mostly gloomy, pathetic day, 2 PM came around, the sun came out, and the evening ended up amazing!  Check out the gallery with more of their engagement session images!

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I loved that Brian and Lane were so excited and up for anything.  They took me all over the property, climbed into field after field, moved concrete benches, learned the dip and kiss and were pro’s by the end of the evening.  I can’t wait for their October wedding and for their guests to witness the love between the two of them!

Decatur Il Wedding Photographer

As with any engagement or family session, if you have a pup, I strongly encourage you to bring them.  Josie was more than happy to accompany us (and outrun the golf cart every time). Decatur Il Wedding Photographer

Sooooo, if anyone has property they’d love to let me use with amazing sunset options, I’d be forever grateful (and would throw in a free session!).  I’m always looking for variety for my clients!

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