The Baby Whisperer, Decatur Il

I'm frequently called the baby whisperer.  Frankly, anyone who enjoys success in the field of newborn photography will be called this at some point in their career.  I have spent a great deal of time and money ensuring not only your baby's safety, but cooperation and sleepiness! 😉  Below are my favorites little tips and tricks for your sessions, many of which can be carried over to when you're home without the baby whisperer.

Best newborn products

This happens in a variety of ways. First of all- we keep it super warm in the studio- you're baby will be naked for the most part after all.  Once they're swaddled, we turn the heat off.  With that said, your house should be kept around 68-70 degrees.  They say babes should be clothed in only one additional later to what you're wearing.

Secondly- white noise.  You can go a few different routes here, but usually something is needed.  Some choose to do a consistent, no timer white noise.  We've used THIS ONE for years at the studio to keep a steady background noise to cancel out any noise of siblings, heaters turning on and off, and just general conversation.  Bonus?  It's kind of stupid cheap.

If you're looking for short term, dramatic results, the BABY SHUSHER is kind of a miracle worker.  The downside?  It has a timer, so at most you get 30 minutes of relief.  Since it's a little pricier, and only something you'll use for the first few months typically, many just purchase the app instead (which may not have the timer- I haven't used the app).  But it's a magical, life changing quiet it can bring.  You just needs prayers that baby stays asleep once the timer kicks it off.  Or be ready to re-start it pretty consistently.

While this won't help until baby is two weeks old, we lived by GRIPE WATER at least once a week with each girl until we figured out what was upsetting their tummies.  Worth having a bottle on hand just in case, especially if you're over the two week mark at the time of your session.

SWADDLE!  I love a good awake picture.  Getting infant eye contact when I do sessions is merely a combination of hard work and coincidence.  So once I get the awake pictures and baby still isn't sleepy, I swaddle.  Mine are designed specifically for short term use with newborn photography, but there are tons on the market that will help you tuck your little one in.  Startle reflex is a thing, ya'll.  My favorite swaddles I used for the girls are the Aden & Anais (you can try them out at my studio, too if you like.  However, if you're looking for a layer that might help with sleep, once babe hits the three month mark, the HALO sleep sack and the MERLIN sleep sack.  I've had clients rave about both of these products, so if you're desperate for sleep, I would start with one of these.

Get a good diaper cream.  Sometimes there is trial and error with the diapers and wipes situation and you may have to troubleshoot why your baby is breaking out into rash.  It may be what you are using.  However, in the meantime, we LOVE Honest Co's Healing Balm.  It's the only diaper cream we've ever used a whole tube of.  You can't go wrong having one handy!    If you're looking for something medicated, the Lange's used RESINOL.  Gemma used to get the WORST rashes, and this was one of the things that helped.  If you have neither in the house- browned flour can do wonders as well!  If the rashes are reoccurring, make sure to evaluate if your diapers/wipes could be the culprit (or teeth).

This has been one of my secret weapon because of it's portability and how I can shove it in props when needed.  There's two different products on the market- it just depends on how desperate you are for sleep versus how much you want to spend.  The Lullavibe is a product by Munchkin that looks like a ping pong paddle.  It supposedly has different levels of vibration, but I've used mine so much that it seems to only be an on/off situation, so the reliability may not be there for more than one babe.  And there's a timer- but I've had mine for so long I couldn't tell you what it is!  It's definitely worth the current price of $15!

Lastly, check out the Tranquilo Mat.  It's one of those things that "you get what you pay for" and the higher price tag gives top notch results.  As a mom with a child that didn't sleep until, well. Never.  I would have definitely purchased one of these for those first 10 plus grueling weeks of life with a newborn and toddler.  I have to say this thing is AMAZING.  It looks disappointingly small, but this thing packs SO much punch with its slim design.  There are five... FIVE different levels of vibration.  Fussy baby?  No problem, kick it up to the highest vibration until babe settles.  There's a timer option if you think you'll forget to turn it off.  It's a major win.  Plus, it's VERY portable.

 What was your favorite product when you had a newborn- help another mom out!  If you happen to know an expecting mom- please share HGP with her and the services we provide! Or just the blog post and she'll be thanking you for the extra help.

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