Grant Newborn Session Decatur Illinois

There isn't a single part of newborn photography that I don't love.  Yes, I get peed and pooped on, but I'd be in the wrong career if it bothered me.

But my favorite part?  Chunky babies with chubby cheeks (I'll share Ella's newborn pictures one day and you'll see why).  There's a special place in my heart for chunky babies with rolls on top of rolls and the sweetest cheeks.  To top it off, Grant had a mass of black hair that I just swooned over.  His little features were just too cute to not photograph, so I spent plenty of time capturing every piece of him since he snoozed his whole session after the first 10 minutes.

I was looking forward to Grant's session as soon as his mom sent back my questionnaire.  She sent pictures of the nursery with gorgeous blues and greens, but was also up for pretty neutrals with grays and taupes.  So basically I was able to utilize all of my favorites, plus a few that I haven't been able to use before, including the perfect sized bucket from The Perfect Pair.

And since I'm human, I made a grave error that is still driving me nuts.  I was late to the session.  If you know me, you know I'm NEVER late.  But I made a mistake when coordinating my assistant and babysitter; got myself all mixed up and was late.  The really random reason I'm telling you this is because when things like this happen, I try to make it up to my clients as much as possible.  So Julie, if it seems like there are a few here you didn't choose- I grabbed a few more for Grant's gallery to make it up to you guys!

Lastly, if you wanted to check out even more adorableness and Grant's slideshow, check our his app HERE.