Swiney’s Wedding at Arpeggio Winery in Pana, Il

There were so many elements to Tim & Britany’s day that I had to start taking notes as I was going through their gallery for the blog!  We had a bit of wind, but we really, we could not have asked for a nicer day to have an October wedding, and a fantastic way to end my 2017 wedding season (you’ll find me behind the computer editing for the next three months!).  Arpeggio Winery does not disappoint when considering a wedding venue.  Not only is it a gorgeous barn rehabbed to be the dream venue, it happens to be positioned to have the most amazing light pouring in at all the right places.

Arpeggio loft

We started the day at the lake house to get the guys’ pictures taken before the whirlwind began.  The property was amazingly perfect for getting ready pictures.  Plenty of room, plenty of light, and the guys were enjoying the day in the country.

Once we finished photographing the guys, Sarah and I headed over to photograph the finishing stages of the girls getting ready.  Watching Paisley watch her momma get ready was the sweetest thing ever.  She has to be one of the cutest four year olds I’ve met.  While she didn’t love the spotlight on her when it came time for the ceremony, she was the perfect flower girl.

Arpeggio Winery Wedding

The fantastic thing about Arpeggio Winery is that there are endless options on how to execute a wedding day.  Britany and Tim married under a gorgeous arbor that Tim built adorned with flowers from the Secret Garden.  They did a wine ceremony followed by a blending of the families ceremony that had more than just the two of them teary eyed.  Between the ceremony itself, the handwritten vows, and the blending ceremony, so much love was felt between the couple and the guests as well (well, except Maveric, he slept through dad marrying mom).

Arpeggio Winery, Pana, Il

Two things I have to say that Britany NAILED from a photographers stand point.  Well, I’m betting only one was planned lol.  She had her guests eat while we were off doing pictures.  No one had to wait to be seated or to eat because she was so thoughtful ahead of time.  Best. Idea. Ever.  The pressure was totally off to get the images we desire on a wedding day since guests were already being served.  Secondly, when each groomsmen walked to take their place next to Tim, each one congratulated him on their way.  It was simple, sweet, but incredibly heart warming to witness and photograph.  I’ve said it before; I love watching the groomsmen almost as much as watching for the grooms reaction to his bride.

Finally, Britany put tons of effort into the little details.  From making sure everything was color coordinated beautifully to the desert bar to the mechanical bull.  And with Arpeggio Winery as the backdrop, all of the images are amazing.

I know Britany is dying to see her wedding images, so without further ado, a short and sweet synopsis of the wedding day!

Arpeggio Winery, Pana, Il