Are you looking for a newborn photographer?

Are you looking for a newborn photographer?  Are you unsure of where to start?  Are you possibly feeling overwhelmed?!

Newborn photographer, Decatur, Il

First of all- congratulations on your bundle.  Second, take a deep breathe.  I know this is just one decision you have to make in the grand scheme of things, and it might not rank as a highly important one.  But I do want to make it an easy one for you.

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When I was pregnant with Gemma, I had hundreds of questions that google couldn’t answer.  Can I be a mom?  A good one at that?  Can we afford a kid?  How do we save for college?  How does this car seat install (I mean, I have a master’s degree, and had no clue where to start)?  Where are we going to live (one bedroom apartments don’t necessarily work for a growing family)?  Will I go back to work full time?  Ahhhhhhh!

I really can’t say it gets a lot easier with baby number 2 on the way, lol!

Choosing a newborn photographer

BUT.  I can make the process of finding a newborn photographer easier (well, obviously!).  First of all- decide if you want a lifestyle session (check out the difference here), or do you want a posed session, like what you’ll see all over my gallery.  From there, decide on colors you’d like (bright and colorful, or neutral and organic).  Finally, ask questions!  As a newborn photographer, my absolute primary concern is your newborn’s safety and well being.  Make sure when looking that your photographer knows safety protocols on poses, and how to safely accomplish the poses you’d love to have.  Do you want digitals or prints (I offer both); what experience/education does the photographer have?  And finally, what is included in the session, and what investment are you looking at; are there payment plans available?

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Once you’ve established answers to these main questions, you’re ready to book your favorite photographer.  Most parents book in their second trimester to ensure I have room on my calendar.

Questions?  Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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