Addie’s 6 month milestone session ~Decatur, Il Photographer~

 Addie came to see me at my studio for her six month session.  Miss thang was super smiley, and gave me all kinds of adorable faces.  I’m diving right in, because this was such a fun session, I have no much to share!  Check out the milestone gallery for their full session!

Since I was setup for Valentine’s Day mini’s, we went ahead and used a romper & shabby flower clips from Lillybug Creations.  Addie wasn’t positive about sitting upright on the bench, but she hung in there to get some adorable smiles.

Addy6Month (1 of 1)Addy6Month (1 of 1)-3

Megan wanted to incorporate an adorable dress that she wore as an infant, so we stuck her in the dress, sat her up in a similar looking gray backdrop, and hopefully these pictures will be cherished for years to come.  Oh, how fashion has changed in 25 years!

Addy6Month (1 of 1)-5Addy6Month (1 of 1)-8

Since Dad is an avid duck hunter and fisherman (Megan, call me when the season starts, we’ll commiserate together) we incorporated a decoy and his calls with her adorable tutu and bow.  She wasn’t too sure about the tutu, but this face is just as good as smiles! I didn’t pay attention to my watermark placement 🙁

Addy6Month (1 of 1)-11Addy6Month (1 of 1)-12

Megan thought ahead way more than I ever did and got Addie a half birthday onesie.  I look forward to seeing what this mom pulls off for the first birthday.  I have no doubt it’ll be super adorable!

Addy6Month (1 of 1)-13Addy6Month (1 of 1)-18Addy6Month (1 of 1)-15

Lastly, Megan & Ryan let me do my thing so I busted out a basket, a wicker bowl, and my flokati rug.  Even though she was tiring, she rocked it out, and gave me some priceless faces with all three props.  Which is your favorite, I can’t decide?!?

Addy6Month (1 of 1)-27Addy6Month (1 of 1)-31Addy6Month (1 of 1)-22 Addy6Month (1 of 1)-42  Addy6Month (1 of 1)-40 Addy6Month (1 of 1)-35

Just as mom went to grab Addie, she played with her little girl, and I grabbed an image I hope she loves.  Since we go this one, I made dad get back on the backdrop for a quick pic with his little girl.  On a side note… this little girl LOVES her toes!


Addy6Month (1 of 1)-45 Addy6Month (1 of 1)-43