A gift for you in 2015 ~Decatur, Il Photographer~

Last year was a great year for Hidden Gem.  I’m blown away when I think about how I started the year with less than 400 “likes” on HGP’s Facebook page, and now I’ve more than doubled.  As has my clientele.  It’s been unreal the amount of support I’ve felt from clients this year, so I wanted to do something special for you guys to thank you all.

Since we all know it’s the mom in the family coordinating and requesting pictures, (and usually taking them) I decided to hold a day of  FREE mini’s for the moms who’ve commissioned me to do their pictures.  This offer extends to any of my past clients that have paid for a session (mini sessions excluded).  The mini’s will be 10-15 minutes and ONLY for mom’s and their kids (believe me, it’s plenty of time!).  As always, you’ll receive your digital images with print release.

I have one request… that you bring old or new towels or pet beds, cat or dog toys and treats for the furry friends of Macon County Animal Control.  It doesn’t have to be a lot, but I figured it would be easy enough for anyone participating to donate an item, and help out a cause that I love.

If you’d like to partake in the day and are not a client yet, all you’d have to do is put down half of the session fee for a session this year.  You can either hold a date then, or decide later in the year… it’s up to you!

The event will take place either the third or fourth weekend of April- so you can get your images before Mother’s Day.  I can’t stress enough how I want this to be a fun day, with special moments shared with your kids that I just happen to be photographing.   NO STRESS!  If you’ve had a session recently where you were photographed with your kids and don’t need the mini session with them, then bring your mom, and give her the gift of some gorgeous images of the two of you.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have them.  If I have Dad’s that want their own day, there will be a day set for them as well (but let’s face it, I doubt we have many Dad’s volunteering to have pictures taken!).   If you’re a mom, please contact me ASAP with your e-mail address to be put on the mailing list of the date and details announcement!

And share away!