A different view of labor & delivery

I had my babies 7 and almost 4 years ago. With Covid-19, there are tons of new policies in place that I’ll never know the extent of, but I was encouraged to share my perspective since it can differ than the norm, and what was typically allowed.

Baby girl on mauve backdrop

When Gemma was born, she was my first, and honestly, I was terrified.  Like, how bout some adoption papers, because there’s no way I’m ready to actually be a mom yet.

Obviously, I overcame those feelings… most days.

Gemma didn’t arrive when she supposed to.  Or the next day, or the day after that.  So when we scheduled the induction date, we needed a different plan.

The entire pregnancy I was adamant I wanted my husband and I in the room.  That’s it.  I’d call my family when babe arrived.  My in-laws could come over when we got home, but I wanted a simple room of staff and Dan.

baby girl in rustic bucket with white flowers and green stems

Then, March 8th was set.  We were due at the hospital at 4:30. Guess who had to work the night before for a 12 hour shift?  Also the same individual that only started that job less than three months before, so taking the night off wasn’t an option.  Back ups were needed.

So once we knew he would be *fairly* useless, I called my best friend and asked her to spend the day with us.  I honestly don’t remember much about the day until we got to the delivery.  Even then, lots of things are hazy.  It was still only Dan though present for Gemma's arrival.

What I do remember though is that no one else was laboring that evening.  I literally had SEVEN nurses in my room, plus Dan and my OB.  It felt so chaotic, which was exactly what I was trying to avoid.  Unfortunately, I was too tired, and in too much pain to communicate that they were driving me nuts.

Baby girl in honey bucket

The whole reason for this story is I know it’ll be super devastating to not have your mom there.  Or your birth photographer, or your support system outside of your partner.  I do promise you though, that once your baby is put in your arms, so much of this will fade away.  You will feel so incredibly close to your partner.  You will be able to do this, momma.

I have no regrets having just my husband present for the girls' birth and subsequent stay.  In fact, he went home about four hours after Ella was born to be with Gemma.  Having those first few hours just me and Ella are ones I'll cherish forever.

When you do come home, I’ll be cheering you on, and am SO excited to meet your little one.  The studio will be warm and waiting (with new safety measures in place) and we can’t wait to meet your little one that you worked so hard to bring earth side.