Carly & Joey wed at the 1912 Barn in Niantic Illinois!

I’ve been waiting for this day since I first heard that Carly knew Joey was the one.  I was just waiting for the ring to appear and the planning of an epic wedding to begin a the 1912 Barn.  And wow did Joey do amazing on the ring!

There’s no better feeling than having multiple people come up to you on the wedding day telling you that the bride INSISTED on having you photograph their wedding day.  That there’s literally no one else she’d let photograph the day.  So Carly, thank you for having my sister and I take part in your day.  While I’ve got the tears under control now, it was really hard to get through your day without letting them fall.  It was such an amazing experience being able to photograph the joy that you and Joey share.

 The day was definitely a warm one, but when you have a gorgeous venue such as the 1912 Barn, you don’t mind a little sun.

1912 Barn Wedding

The whole day was a beautiful one.  There was so much love and laughter between Joey and Carly, and you could feel how excited the guests were for the joining of the families.  From the first look to the first dance, Carly’s joy was contagious.  Brides like Carly make my job not only easy, but fun and enjoyable.

I was thrilled when the couple told me they were opting for a first look, and I did something new and I am in LOVE.  Of course, Carly was laughing the whole way there, so we spent a little extra time photographing Joey waiting for his bride.  Right after we got some gorgeous images of the couple and away we went to do the rest of the family, bridal party, and bridal portraits.  I’m sure they were tired of smiling by the time their actual ceremony rolled around.

First look at 1912 Barn

Speaking of their ceremony, Carly had a specific location she wanted to marry Joey, and she NAILED it.  It’s a little used corner of the property (I honestly have never shot in this hidden gem of a corner) and it was beautiful.  A lovely arbor with gorgeous floral arrangements from The Secret Garden, an ordained brother, and a setting sun completed the vision for their wedding.

The rest of the day is kind of a blur, honestly.  There was amazing food, a gorgeous cake, a fantastic DJ, and a family and host of friends that were ready to have a good time.  It was game on for the party as I was packing up to go- but not before a sweet anniversary dance that Lorna & Tom won with over 50 years of marriage!

Anniversary Dance

All in all, the day was one for the books.  I think we used most every corner of the 1912 Barn to complete the wedding photography for Carly and Joey.  I hope you two love all of the images from the day!