Porter’s gorgeous neutral toned newborn session

This is so sad!  I'm blogging the Bach's newest addition before I even blogged their WEDDING.  It's on the to do list, I just got really busy shortly after their wedding and didn't get it blogged.  But it's gorgeous.  So I promise it's coming at some point.  It really does need and deserve a blog post.

Anyways. I digress. Porter is on the blog!  Apparently Tina and Brian make gorgeous and chunky babies that are great sleepers.  Fortunately, I've been in business long enough to see this gorgeous family grow to a family of four.  I photographed Tina & Brian when they announced they were expecting Beckett (big brother), his newborn session, their wedding, and now their newest addition- Porter.  His momma has fabulous taste and requested what is probably one of my most neutral sessions to date, and I am so in love!

While it's pretty apparent that Porter's personality isn't quite as laid back as Beckett's, he did so well for his session.  They could have a few more babies and I'd gladly photograph those chunks any day.  Obviously I love photographing babies of all shapes and sizes, but when a family consistently brings me chunky babies, it makes my day.  Porter pretty much missed his whole session snoozing through it.  The only time he woke up was when we tried to get the adorable pose with Dad.  Which coincidentally is exactly when Beckett woke up for his session too some two years ago and change.  So both boys went into the potato sack to finish their poses with Dad and complete the session.

While I really can't wait to see how else the Bach family may grow in the next few years, I'm so excited to know the little boys they already have and watch them grow.  Beckett is one of the sweetest, gentlest, and cuddliest two years olds I've even known, and while I know every child is different, I bet Porter is pretty similar with his mom and dad raising this family!

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