September Mom-tog

Wow, the first class of Mom-tog was small and sweet.  And amazing.  I haven’t felt that much purpose in a long time.  Teaching other mom’s how to photograph their littles (at the class it was a cute pink stuffed elephant that belongs to Gemma) was rewarding beyond belief.   I could tell when things CLICKED.  As one of the moms said, there’s a whole bunch of people not using the cameras the right way.


I get that there’s a manual with the camera, and if you look enough on line, there is a wealth of information available to you.  I get that this class requires an investment, both time and finances.  But how long would it take you to sit down and figure out everything you’ll learn in one class?  Days, weeks?  I bet there are a few of you that have had your camera for a year or more and still don’t use it the way it can be (I WAS one of those people- even before I had kids!).  How long has your camera stayed in a corner- that investment wasting away because shooting in auto gets you little more than a snapshot looking image?

Even when you do sit down to play, how often will you be interrupted while essentially studying your camera, who can answer your questions for you if they arise? Let’s take all of that guesswork out in just a few hours, and a Facebook group for after the fact.

Is there anything that brings you more joy than your kids (wine doesn’t count)?  Didn’t you purchase this camera to not only capture the joy of their childhood, but to capture the joy you feel from your kiddos?  You have the camera, so let’s learn how to capture your kids being kids.  Playing in the sandbox, crawling around the house, warming up for the baseball game.  All of these are different settings, with different answers depending on your surroundings.  This class is going to show you how to best use your camera depending on those factors.

The Details

  • September 10th 3 pm @ Forsyth Park
  • Enrollment opens Thursday and stays open until Monday at the special of just $99
  • Only five spots available for purchase

What do you get for your investment

We start class with how these settings work together, and work on each individual camera to change the settings accordingly.  Within the first hour everyone will be shooting in manual.  We will play with different light, different angles, and different settings.

  • You’ll learn how to use your camera
  • You’ll learn about light, and how to use whatcha got
  • Composition, both what the pro’s look for and what I as a mom find useful
  • How to apply all of the above when photographing your own babes


I mean, the camera will take pictures as long as you push the shutter whether you shoot in auto, another mode, or manual.  Wouldn’t you rather use the camera for its intended purpose?  Didn’t you buy it so that you’d be able to take pictures of your children beyond just what a point and shoot can do?

September 10th.  Be there!