Newborn Pricing Guide

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Custom luxury newborn sessions

All HGP sessions include a custom designed session with full access to HGP's stash of props, backdrops, and accessories.




Save 30%

Digital Files of Entire Gallery- minimum 40 images

Perfect choice for parents that KNOW they don't want to have to choose favorites!

30% off Print Products

Online Proofing & Sharing Gallery

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Save 20%

Your choice of 15 Digital Files

Perfect for small albums, wall galleries, creating gifts for grandparents

20% off Print Products

Online Proofing & Sharing Gallery



Save 5%

Your choice of 5 Digital Files

Perfect for announcements and statement pieces in your home

5% off Print Products
Online Proofing & Sharing Gallery

All the little extras included...

  • Custom design session (or e-mailed questionnaire) to choose your favorite props, colors, accessories and get extra excited for your session and baby.
  • A 100% guarantee that you'll love your images or your money back (hasn't happened yet!).  If your baby is not having it the day of your session, and we can't achieve the images consistent with my portfolio, I'll absolutely have you back for another session.
  • Access to all props furnished by HGP.  Special items may be sourced if you have specific requests we don't have in stock.
  • A 2-3 hour session in our Warrensburg, Il studio- just minutes from Decatur (or more importantly, just NINE minutes from Target)
  • Focus is on your new babe, but we absolutely welcome family, sibling, and parent poses!  We not only recommend doing these, but absolutely LOVE incorporating the family
  • A trained assistant for your baby's safety and your comfort.  She keeps the sessions running as smoothly and as quickly as possible (she's amazing).
  • Private proofing gallery within 48 hours of your session, with final chosen images delivered the same day I am done editing.
  • A print release with every collection for you to choose where you print.  Print products are also available, but not required.
  • A prep guide with what to wear suggestions, how best to prepare your newborn and their siblings (and husbands for that matter) for the session.
  • Both indoor/outdoor toys (we have a huge grassy lot just outside our studio) and books for your little ones to keep them entertained if they have to stay for the entire session.  We also have a comfortable bed with a TV/Netflix in the (much cooler) back room for you and your family to enjoy/snuggle on while your baby is being photographed.  In the bathroom you'll find a postpartum kit for you in case you left anything at home.
  • NEW!  Want to learn how to get the best pictures at home of your baby?  With every newborn session, I include my Mom-Tog course.  No DSLR?  No problem, you and your baby are still welcome to come for your complimentary class so you can learn how to take the best possible pictures at home- with phone or camera!  Click the Mom-Tog link for more info on the class!

The creative fee secures your baby on HGP's calendar as well as the assistants.  The creative fee is applied to the collection of your choice.

If you are looking for more than just those first precious moments we offer so much more than just newborn photography, read on below!  For a glimpse of the imagery you can expect from your session, visit the newborn gallery HERE.

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All the little extras...

Maternity sessions are so incredibly special.  It feels like you may have plenty of time to embrace pregnancy.  Plenty of time to learn, love, and protect your baby the way only a mother can.  The time you are pregnant however is fleeting and while not always enjoyable, it is so important to document.  Looking at your images will forever remind you of how your baby felt kicking and rolling, or how their hiccups came and went more often than your trips to the washroom.  Maternity sessions will show the love you and your partner have for the baby you have yet to even meet.
Maternity sessions are $499 as a stand-alone session, however if you also retain HGP for your newborn session, you can do the maternity as an add-on for $299.  The session includes 15 images with the option to purchase additional images.
While we don't require a minimum print purchase, hanging and printing your products is a vital component to our brand.  Please ask us about the unique and luxurious products HGP is bringing to the lineup!  Most of our families purchase artwork in addition to their digital images.

Fresh 48 sessions take place at the hospital within the first 48 hours of your babies birth.  I deliver between 40 & 60 images since you simply cannot eliminate any of those very first moments.  As a mother of two, I know you lose so much of those first few days to exhaustion or adrenaline, making these sessions so special.  Once retained for a Fresh 48, this secures my attendance and limits my travel the days surrounding the birth of your child.  Should your baby arrive unexpectedly (my second came a glorious week early- she was the favorite child that day) and for some reason I cannot get to the hospital before discharge, I will either have a photographer of similar experience/style photograph your session and I will edit to match style expectations, OR I will come to your house for a lifestyle session (valued at $999 and up).  Of course- the goal is to make it to the hospital with no interference!   Fresh 48 sessions are $499 stand alone or $299 as an add-on to a studio newborn session.

fresh 48 baby

I know that my perfectly posed style might not always reflect your whole story- the one that includes where you brought your newborn home to.  The beloved pets (or siblings for that matter) that might be too overwhelmed to come to the studio can be fully involved in a lifestyle session at home (although know they are welcome at the studio).  The nursery you put so much love and attention into and dreamed about your baby enjoying will be a part of the session.  I know that there are details that are incredibly important to you that may not be able to be incorporated into my studio session.  So lifestyle sessions are a wonderful way to remember what joy your newborn brought to your home and everyday life.  I'll give you guidance and some posing, but I do want to really do a glimpse in a day of your lives with your new baby.  These sessions typically go for around two-three hours and while I don't limit the number of digital images you receive, expect at least 100 from the day.  Lifestyle sessions start at $999 as a stand alone, or $499 as an add-on to a studio newborn session.

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I am a portrait photographer, specializing in the sweetest new addition to your family- your newborn! I serve the Central Illinois area. Outside of photography, I attempt to keep up with my 5 year old and 2 year old daughters (lots of caffeine involved), spending as much time as possible outdoors, and eating lots of pizza and queso.  If I could live anywhere else, it would be a barn and with horses where there's plenty of yarn to knit and books to read.  In short, I'm a horse loving, queso and pizza eating mom of two that has no time to knit or read, but love it all the same.  Oh!  There's a Mr. Lange too, but kids and horses are way more fun to talk about 😉

Bump to Birthday

One of the easiest and best ways to document your pregnancy AND the first 12 months of your baby  is with our bump to birthday program (Maternity, Lux Newborn Session, 3, 6, 9, and 12 months). Every stage is so fleeting, but so important and equally special. One day you’re going to wake up and have a crawling, babbling baby and beg time to slow down. There will be no keeping track of time with the manner in which the first year goes. Without these sessions, you might forget a certain way they raised their eyebrows, sucked on a lip, made their favorite face, or the joy they express in their ear or toots because they just found they have one!  The bump to birthday program (six sessions) is $2499 and include the sessions themselves with no limit to images delivered (frankly, that's the best perk!).


The Sitter Session

I know it sounds crazy- you're here because you're interested in my newborn collections.  And frankly, if you're all the way down here, that's impressive.  There's a TON of information on this page, and frankly, the sitter sessions are second favorite to my newborn sessions and bear informing you about because six months will FLY BY.  These take place when your baby has discovered EVERYTHING is pretty freaking amazing.  Their personalities are HUGE.  The things that tick them off are definite, and the things they love easily entertain.  Plus, we try to get them in when they're at least six months, but before eight or so because mobility definitely changes the sitter session game.  Sitter sessions are $399 with your choice of 30 images.