Newborn Photography Session Packages


Newborn photography: The stunning imagery you deserve while relaxing the most you have perhaps since you saw two lines on the pregnancy test.

 The first time you heard that quick heartbeat, your own may have felt your own skip a beat.  Tears may have threatened, the first of many we will shed over our babes.  While pregnancy may seem to drag by, when looking back it will have actually flown.

Time.  It’s the one thing any mother will bargain for, pray, beg, and would steal back if they could.  You will never feel there are enough hours in the day to memorize every single detail of your baby before they change. Newborn photography by HGP provide a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture your little one within his/her first few days of life, ensuring these amazing moments are captured forever.

Each session is carefully crafted with your little one in mind, from providing comfortable, safe staging elements to perfect lighting. Your newborns safety is my top priority- I have spent countless hours in class & practice ensuring your baby is as safe as possible.  In addition, HGP has Lindsey (HGP’s trained assistant) at the session to help keep things running smoothly and safely.  There is nothing more important to me than your baby’s safety and comfort.

All newborn sessions take place in my studio in Warrensburg designed specifically for newborn photography. There, you’ll have access to my ample, ever- increasing supply of props. There might be a slight prop addiction here at HGP! We’d love to hear what you envision, and how we can complete the session of your dreams in your complimentary consult!

Three real wood backdrops

Ten Boxes

30 Boxes, Buckets & Bowls

15 Sitter Props (more on those sessions later)

30 fabric posing backdrops

Over 40 wraps

50 + headbands/tiebacks and bonnets

Your baby’s comfort isn’t the only one that is important!  Once you arrive at the studio, you’ll be able to sit back and relax with some goodies from Daily Brew while your newborn is being photographed.  The seven backdrops ensure that we can move seamlessly from one setup to the next without disturbing your baby or having to take the time to setup and tear down each setup.  This helps shorten your session time while getting you a gorgeous gallery full of options customized to your tastes in colors and props.

With babies, the days are long but the years short- make sure you’ve captured these beautiful moments before they’re gone.

newborn photography decatur il

Preparing for your newborn session

Planning for your newborn session? I’ll send you a detailed prep guide that will help you be as ready as possible for your newborn session- no worries. Plan on bringing your new bundle to my studio between five & 14 days. It is NEVER too early to book your newborn session and get your due date penciled on the calendar.  I only book one to two newborns per week to ensure availability and quick turn around time to get those beautiful announcements sent out.

newborn photographer decatur il

Newborn Photography Packages

 My goal is to provide you imagery of these first moments of your baby’s life that are both classic but relevant now and in 30 years.Most new parents book their session during the second trimester. ALL sessions include a print release and an optional pre-consult to customize your session with colors that compliment your taste and decor. This includes choosing favorite backdrops, wraps, props, & overall color scheme.

A creative fee is due at the time of booking.  Since we only take one to two newborns a week since babies come on their own time, this will secure one of the slots for the week your are due, as well as securing the hired assistant for your session.  The creative fee of $199 covers the custom design session, access to all HGP props with special purchases considered if booked enough in advance, a 2-3 hour session at our studio just 10 minutes from Decatur, my trained assistant, a private proofing gallery delivered within 48 hours of your session, and a digital download link for your gallery delivered the same day HGP is done editing.  Every package will include  images according to the collection chosen, plus print release as well as a CUSTOM APP designed specifically for your newborn.  Message us for a sample app! Packages below are purchased separately after the session once the viewing gallery has been delivered.

Luxe:  $899 – the entire gallery , a minimum of 60 edited images, with a complimentary b&w copy of each image and a slideshow video of your gallery. The perfect package for the new mom that knows she won’t want to have to choose the images and wants every detail of her tiny bundle documented .  Great for creating both albums that will last generations to come and gallery walls of your favorite images.  While 60 images are guaranteed, expect to receive a gallery of around 80-90 images.  Additional products available at a 30% discount.

Gem: $699 includes your choice of 35 images with a complimentary b&w copy of each image.  Additional products available at 20% discount.

Essentials: $399 includes your choice of 15 digital images. This package allows a wonderful variety of your little one without the being overwhelmed with too many images you may not use.  You’ll have more than enough to create the  ever popular wall gallery.  Additional images & products (10% discount) available for purchase.

The Mini: $249 and includes your choice of five digital images with print release.   This package is great for the families that want just a few images for the announcements and capture the tiny-ness of their new baby.  Additional images & products available for purchase at 5% discount.

*prices are subject to change, retainer must be paid to lock in pricing*

This is the booking link to pay your creative fee.  Of course, if you have ANY questions first, please don’t hesitate to ask!

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, check out this LINK for more options and sessions offered by HGP.  There are stand-alone options OR add-ons to our newborn sessions.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have questions about packages, scheduling, or available products. Once we receive your retainer we will get you penciled in, send over more details, and start planning your session with you!

If you’d like to setup your session design consult email [email protected] or call 708.638.9897.

The Milestone Program

Between the hustle and bustle of pregnancy and bringing your new bundle of joy home—and the sleepless nights that ensue—a newborn session is often forgotten until it is almost too late. Your baby is a baby for 12 short months (and a newborn for even less!) and, while these first few weeks can feel overwhelming, they’re among the most precious and unforgettable moments of your life. As with the best things in life, it might be hard to remember Every. Single. Detail.

One of the easiest and best ways to document the first 12 months of your baby is with our Milestone Program. Every stage is so fleeting, but so important. One day you’re going to wake up and have a crawling, babbling baby and beg time to slow down. This year is going to FLY by. Without these sessions, you might forget a certain way they raised their eyebrows, sucked on a lip, made their favorite face, or the joy they express in their ear because they just found they have one!

We will help you choose the clothing, props, and backgrounds to perfectly capture your little one’s personality. The most typical program is 1-2 weeks old when they are still a newborn (entire bundle package $1100 value), 3 months when they start smiling, especially for mom, dad and siblings, 6 months as they learn to play with their toes and toys and start to sit up and smile easily, 9 months when they start crawling and their personality shines through, and the popular cake smash/bath time session to celebrate their first birthday but these increments can be customized to fit your needs.

These FIVE sessions are $1999, discounted more than 25% off the full price of paying for each session separately (payment plans available through the three month session).

The Milestone Program also comes with a complimentary gallery wall design (a $499 value).  Just sent HGP a picture of the wall you plan on featuring your baby’s first year and we’ll design the collage.  You will have the option to purchase the pre-designed wall or take the layout and purchase your own (payments can be split up equally over the first year if you purchase the products from HGP).  Lastly, your custom app (LINK) will be updated as you progress through the first year so the images from you session are always at your finger tips and ready to show off and share.

During the newborn session, we welcome both family and siblings, however, if you would like to add on either during the milestone program (3.6.9,12 months) there is a $50 add-on to any session you wanted to include family and/or siblings The add-on is simply due at the time of the session if you have already completed payment for the milestone program.

The biggest perk to the milestone program is you never have to choose favorites for your final gallery.  I send you the high resolution, edited images.  I hear over and over again that choosing images if close to impossible, and 80% of mom’s upgrade to additional images or the full gallery.  With the milestone program, you aren’t forced to make these decisions and instead enjoy full galleries you’ll cherish for a lifetime (even if you won’t necessarily be printing every single one).

We want you to remember these moments because they matter. Photographing these important stages of your baby’s life will help you cherish this special year for generations to come. HGP also offers full service styled maternity sessions. Schedule your newborn session and receive a discount on your maternity session!

The Sitter Session

Next to HGP’s newborn session, the sitter session is wildly popular.  The best time to do these sessions is when babe is sitting up on their own unassisted but not yet crawling- so typically between six and eight months (or almost 10 months if your kiddo is like my Ella Kate).  We capture the amazing simplicity of your baby.  Their personalities are starting to shine, and every day they have found something new.  Maybe it’s that their toes reach their mouths, or that they have ears, or how much fun they have when they clap their hands.  Besides the things they’ve learned, this is when so many have packed on the chub and the adorable thigh rolls, and maybe even a few teeth.  Somehow these months have flown by, and in just a short few you’ll start planning the ever so important first birthday.  This is a fabulous time to photograph as these are the easiest sessions on babies and parents alike.  These sessions are $399 with no time limit, 100% guarantee we get images you will love and cherish for a lifetime, your choice of 30 digital images, as well as a complimentary app.  For first birthday information, please click HERE