Do you have a DSLR?  Do you know how to use it?  Or were you like me when I first got it- played for hours on end with the different modes, not really understanding the difference, and then eventually it became a very expensive paperweight that was put on auto when used.  Sure, it might take ok pictures, but does it actually capture your children being children the way you see them?

This was me, well into my child’s first year(s).  I owned that camera for years and never learned how to truly shoot in manual, look for my light correctly, or how to do much else besides click the shutter.  It was a really pretty, really fancy, really expensive desk ornament.

I want to change that for all of us local mom’s.  I know you want to capture those little moments.  The sweet snuggles with their favorite stuffy, running through the sprinkler, just being KIDS.  And if you own a DSLR, you’d like the pictures to be pretty.


Introducing Mom-tog

My goal is to bring together local moms with children of all ages that own a DSLR who aren’t sure what exactly they’re doing and want to achieve better images of their kids.  This class will meet once a month and is available to any mom (fur babies count too) that want to capture their day to day lives of their children.  Playing in the sprinkler?  Check.  Bath time? Check.  Cooking dinner? Check.  All of the little moments that define childhood that you’d love to document will now be possible.  You’ll learn how to find the light, the ideal camera settings, and capture those authentic childhood moments.

What you’ll get with Mom-tog

~ A one hour meeting where you”ll learn things like gear, settings, exposure, composition, and lighting.  The first half we will cover discussing camera settings and applying them to your specific model.  The second half we will shoot and apply what we learned and answer any questions that may arise

– The confidence in being able to capture timeless pictures of your children being children

~ Access to the Decatur Mom-tog Facebook group

~ PDF outlining course material

~ 50% discounts on future classes ~All for just $99