Maverick Newborn Decatur Il Baby Photographer

It's not often that I can say I go home and tell my husband that the newborn made as good of eye contact as his older brother.  Actually, it's never I say this.  And yet, Maverick was so alert and somehow made really good eye contact.  Or he was following the modeling light on my strobe and was in love.   So when possible I just followed those little eyeballs towards my light and got amazing pictures of him wide awake.  They have a family picture of the three of them looking amazing and right at the camera and Maverick looking off towards the light.   I've been told I'm the baby whisperer of Decatur, hence the career as a baby photographer- and I've never had a babe hold out like Maverick did without being royally pissed at me.

Needless to say, we took some awake images and then threw Maverick into the potato wrap, and he STILL stayed awake.  This wrap is the sleepy baby inducer.  They either love it and pass out or are screaming because they are done.  The latter rarely happens.  The staying awake while wrapped for another 45 minutes never happens.  He eventually passed out in it, but then comes the hard part- unwrapping him for the rest of the session.  Luckily he didn't beautifully and we got everything in that mom and dad wanted.  Including... drum roll please.... A CARDS FAN!  It finally happened.  I broke the Cubs streak at HGP!  Now to find a White Sox fan one of these days (I know, it's a long shot).

To say that big brother was smitten with his little brother is an understatement.  He was practically vibrating waiting for his turn to be photographed with Maverick.  Let's hope that sentiment remains for the next 18 years or so ;).  I loved having Laken in the studio and his joy for his brother was fairly infectious!  I have a spotter always ready in case an older sibling moves suddenly or randomly, but Laken snugged in with his brother and never once hinted at ever letting him go.  And Maverick did his part by locking eyes with my camera lens as well as his brother did.  Let's hope he always cooperates with pictures!