Maternity to Milestones

Maternity to Milestones

Maternity to milestones is the program that fully encompasses all those amazing changes that happen in your life from when you find out your pregnant to celebrating the first birthday milestone.  Every day your body has changed as you grow a little human (and let’s face it- it’s not always an amazing change- morning sickness, sciatica, exhaustion, anyone?)

You’ll spend so many years raising these tiny humans, but you only get nine short months to grow them within you.

I don’t know about you, even though it’s supposed to be miraculous and amazing, pregnancy and I DID NOT agree.  At the time, surviving a toddler and pregnancy seemed next to impossible.  It was in the back of my head I needed to get my maternity pictures done, but I didn’t make it a priority.

Looking back, and I KNOW I know better, I wish I had been able to get my maternity session scheduled before I was nine months pregnant and time got away.  Now, I don’t really remember the aches and pains.  They faded once Ella Kate was placed in my arms.

The time that crawled by during pregnancy doesn’t compare to the warp speed of the first year of babe being earth side.  Hence why maternity photography is so incredibly important.

Which brings us to the maternity to milestones.  Bump to birthday.

I need to stress that I will customize a milestone program for you.  Please don’t feel confined to this exact program!I love creating custom packages- there is no one package fits all- and we’re not going to make you fit into that box.

At this point, I know that planning for baby is all consuming. so take this time to relax and feel amazing.  I will bring a hair and  makeup artist to the studio to glam you up a bit and make you feel your absolute best.  Your maternity session can take place at the studio or outside- or both!

  The maternity to milestones program includes the maternity, newborn session, three, six, nine, and first birthday smash and splash sessions.

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