A gorgeous wedding at Fletcher Park, Mt. Zion with Mr. & Mrs. Fish

Fletcher Park Wedding

I knew the moment I met Andy & Lauren I was going to love photographing their wedding (aside from the whole Cubs fans thing; I maaaay have withheld that I was born and raised a White Sox fan).  Their hope was to have an entirely outdoor wedding at Fletcher Park, they are from Central Illinois, love Chicago as well as live there, and have the cutest, craziest dog ever.  And they wanted my Victorian Sofa.  Match. Made.

From the minute I walked into the guys’ hotel room, I knew that not only was the day going to be an amazingly fun day, I knew that I had a groom looking forward to marrying the love of his life.  He was dressed, pressed, and ready for the day to begin.  Incidentally, I believe I took more images of the groom getting a groomsman ready more than the actual groom himself getting ready.  Andy was on top of that timeline!

Guys Getting Ready in Hotel

Walking into the recreational room at Fletcher Park, you could feel the excitement in the air with the girls.  The mimosas were flowing, and the girls already looked stunning.  After getting a few images of the girls together, we headed outside for Lauren to pop open her bottle of champagne.  Really it was win-win.  We got the pictures she wanted, and the ladies were able to top off.  I mean, who wastes perfectly good champagne just for a photo-op, amiright?

Girls geting ready at fletcher park

So I never look much at anyone but the groom as his bride walks down.  Since I was on the grass, I had a different angle than I usually do.  Obviously Andy’s smile is just for his girl, but look at how happy those groomsmen are watching their brother/friend’s soon to be wife walking down the aisle.  So sweet!

Groom seeing his bride down the aisle

When you think about having a completely outdoor ceremony and reception, you obviously hope and pray your have perfect weather.  Well, we had THAT weather for Andy & Lauren’s wedding.  Sunny, slightly breezy.  Warm?  A tad.  But I think any couple will gladly take a few degrees warmer than rain and lightening and having to go to the back up plan.  No one wants to use their back up plan.

There was so much love and laughter between Lauren and Andy.  I don’t think I could get a serious expression for more than a minute from either one of them whether it be with members of their bridal party, family, or with each other.  They had my sister and I constantly laughing.

Needless to say, I have favorites as I do every wedding.  There were quite a few this go around.  Enjoy just a few, and check out that first kiss!  Have you ever seen a better one?

Thank you Andy and Lauren for having me be a part of your wedding day.  It was both an honor and a blast, I wish you as much love and laughter the rest for the rest of your days as there was on September 2nd.

 Fletcher Park, Mt Zion, Il