First Birthday Packages

How has this first year already flown by?  By now you're hopefully over the worst of the sleepless nights and onto the stage where they literally do something new every single day.  You're probably in the throes of planning a first birthday party while sobbing into your coffee wondering how your newborn is already turning a year old.  I know it couldn't have been just me, right?

Anyways, while planning the first birthday party, it's definitely time to plan your little ones first birthday session.  These are some of my favorite sessions (but make no mistake- they are far from easy- the little buggers are fast when they're mobile and know what they want!)

There are two ways to plan the when of your first birthday session.  First- if you're hoping to use the images for the birthday party, you need to schedule the session AT LEAST two weeks before the party, preferably three.  If you purely wanting to capture your babe around their first birthday, then you can schedule as close to the first birthday as you'd like.  Once you are booked with a date on the calendar and retainer paid, I'll send you a brief what to expect guide and how best to prepare for the session.

Before we go on- as you know, they have little personalities, and bad days just like we do.  If you're little one is having no part of their session, I will typically go straight to the cake smash since that's the edible, limited opportunity part of the session and have you come back on another day for everything else.  There's no reason to stress you and babe out trying to get those smiles when my studio is always available for those images I guarantee.

HGP's well known Smash & Splash package is the most popular package I offer!  Let's be honest- not a lot of one year olds know what the heck to do with cake- we can only hope yours will be one of the few that goes face first.  After we let them in theory destroy cake, we pull out a tub and let the kiddos do what they DO know- SPLASH! Most parents end up choosing the splashing images more than the smashing.  It seems to bring out the most in their little personalities!  The Smash & Splash includes a typical portrait session where we recommend two outfits tops but if your little hates being changes like so many, then we suggest capping it at one.  After the cute outfits we go to the cake!  We let them do their thing and then we suds up.  Overall, expect the session to go more or less around an hour as toddlers don't last much longer than that.

Smash & Splash includes the pre-session guide/consultation, the session itself with $499. You are absolutely welcome to substitute out the cake smash for another special feature.  Milk baths, paint session, other favorite food (donut, fruit, pancakes) setup, etc.  I am absolutely open to other suggestions as not every kiddo fits the cake smash mold.

Not everyone is worried about cake and the mess that comes with a child covered in cake and frosting; you would just love to capture that little smile or their essence in just a few images.  HGP offers a mini session for those of you that just need this huge milestone captured.  The mini session includes a 20 minute session and your choice of eight digital images for $249.

If you'd like family pictures to be thrown into the mix- that is absolutely a welcome addition!  Family pictures are just $50 extra for both packages.  If you happen to be lucky enough to have twins- there's just an additional $35 to cover the costs of the extra cake provided.  If your littles have any allergies- please let HGP know at the time of booking.

I know there's a ton of info- and I'm guessing there are still questions- so PLEASE let me know if you have any questions!  I look forward to meeting your babes!

smash and splash