#MeetTheStreets Decatur, Il Wedding


I feel so incredibly blessed to have this career as a wedding photographer.  To be a part of  a couple like Jayne & Ryan exchanging vows is incredibly humbling and endearing.  Every wedding I shoot I know they are getting what they hired me for- beautiful imagery capturing every part of their wedding day.  But ceremonies and couples like Ryan & Jayne remind me of true love and why I love weddings.

Every one knows you hire a photographer to capture the details, the love, the happiness.  If we're being frank, we all know those pictures happen in a controlled setting, with my guidance.  However, my favorite part of every wedding is listening to your pastor/priest/minister. Ryan and Jayne's spoke about how this day was designed for them, that they were chosen for each other before they were even born.  Not everyone may believe this, but if you do- it's pretty amazing to think that.  Then for me as a photographer to be there as a part of the day- again. So humbling.  Thank you Jayne & Ryan for having us as a part of your day.  I loved every  minute of your wedding day as your guys were truly joys to work with the entire day.

So now that I got mushy and sentimental and maybe a little teary eyed thinking about how amazing of a ceremony (which really, is the whole point a wedding and all this planning, right?) they had, onto the fun stuff.  The Street's seriously had the nicest and relaxed bridal party.  In fact, the whole day was pretty relaxed as weddings go.  Never once did the words come out of our mouths "if this is the worst thing that happens today..." because everything went sooooo smoothly and as planned. It's all relative when something does in fact happen, but we really didn't have to adjust or compensate anywhere in the day.

I never keep these blogs short.  And I could say a ton more about this gorgeous wedding and amazing couple.  But I know why ya'll are here.  The pictures.  Without further ado...

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