HGP Studio


Yes, the all caps was intentional.  I mean, seriously.  Come on, Jen.

I have two children, so I have to say that they’re my pride and joy.  They bring me happiness, more than I ever imagined.  But my newborn studio?  It’s my happy place.  The place was bare bones (concrete floors, missing walls, pipes exposed) when I fell in love with it, but I knew the first time I saw it it should be mine.  It’s been a little over two years, so better late than never with the blog post, right?

If you’re here, you know that I specialize in wedding photography.  I don’t really need a studio for that, other than the consultations and planning meetings.  So when I opened the studio, it was specifically for newborns and has evolved so much since then.

HGP Studio

Now when you walk in, I have SEVEN backdrops ready to utilize (and walls.  Walls help).  Three of them are real wood backdrops.  For the newborn sessions, there are twenty-five different colors and textures of backdrops for the beanbag images.  Thirty boxes, buckets, and bowls for your littles.  Over one hundred wraps, headbands, tiebacks, bonnets, and newborn and sitter outfits.  To say I’m equipped for your newborn session and beyond is an understatement.  PLEASE take me up on my complimentary planning and design meeting for your newborn session.  They are so much fun, and add an extra layer of excitement as you wait for the arrival of your little one.

Lastly, the latest addition isn’t newborn centered, although I’ve used it for newborns with their families and for milestone and maternity before.  The back room is now a boudoir studio (a.k.a the movie room for the girls during sessions, and my nap place when I have 20 minutes to myself).  It’s a GORGEOUS extra space with white washed wood headboard, flowing drapes, and a killer chandelier.  It is SO convenient to have a boudoir studio with tons of space for the hair and makeup ladies to come to the studio and doll you up.

Decatur Il Boudoir Photographer

If you’re looking for a super comfortable, spacious, stand alone newborn studio for your little’s session.  Please contact me.  There might even be a treat from our local Daily Brew waiting for you at your session 🙂

Until next time,