Newborn Session with two older brothers

My mom has a portrait she and two older brothers had taken for my grandparents. At this point, it's probably almost 50 years old. My grandparents and one of my uncles are no longer with us, but I imagine how much my grandparents loved that picture. I don't know what we'll do with the physical picture when my mom no longer has it hanging in her home. It's been in the same place for 30 years, and I imagine it hung elsewhere for 20 years before that.

Newborn session with two older brothers? Yes, please!

With that said, I tend to really love a trio of siblings. Especially when the baby girl is the baby for her newborn session with two big brothers. My mom is the baby with two older brothers. So whenever that dynamic comes across my studio, I really love photographing them at this age. Can you imagine 50, or 70 years from now being able to enjoy having this chapter saved? I print on heirloom quality products with an amazing warranty so they are enjoyed for decades to come.

These three are all three and under, and even though the boys had met me before, the studio setting made them a tad nervous. As always, we (my assistant and I) took our time and managed to get two different sets of the boys with their baby sister.

Two big brothers holding little sister backlit

During our design meeting mom knew she didn't want pink. She reminded me a lot of myself with a newborn. Nothing of either of my girls' decor was pink until Ella was almost a year old. Now pink infiltrates everything. I have about a hundred different colored backdrops in a kaleidoscope of colors, so non-pink is a non issue. I keep coordinating tiebacks and layers as well. When I really want to stick with my monochromatic scheme (which is pretty much always), I'll utilize photoshop. The image below involved changing the knit onesie I own from white to yellow.

Sleeping baby girl in yellow knit long sleeve onesie with yellow tieback on yellow backdrop with yellow wrap fabric fashioned as a swing.

Mom had a pretty clear vision of what she wanted from the newborn session so the design meeting and session itself were a breeze. There are a few "standard" images I love to get in every gallery. I love to photograph older siblings so there is continuity with artwork. We tend to get a little bit more of their personalities shining through than in standard school pictures. Secondly, I LOVE getting awake pictures. I look a tad insane because I follow babies eyes wherever they roam, but I usually get the picture!

Pictures of the older brother individually. Alert newborn baby looking at camera while on white backdrop with a white bow.

Newborn session with two older brothers

Baby girl surrounded by greenery in farmhouse style bucket. One of the pictures is a profile picture. Dad holding two older brothers while mom is holding newborn daughter Dad's hands holding baby girl on black backdrop Two pictures of mom holding baby girl Two older brothers holding little sister on wood backdrop looking at camera Two pictures of dad holding baby girl Baby girls scrunching into white wrap looking at camera Two pictures side by side, one of family of five with two older brothers and parents and one of baby girl on log bed Baby girl in green wrap on green backdrop in stork pose