MCAC Pets needing homes (Part II) ~Decatur, Il Photographer~

It’s crazy how fast some animals get adopted, or fostered, and how some stay long term.  Not even a week ago, I photographed 24 dogs, and already, I’ve seen at least 4 find homes.  I’ll try my absolute hardest to get these posts out faster, so all the pets have opportunities to be featured.

First up is Hexagon.  How this girl, with these ears is not curled up on someone’s couch yet is beyond me.  While we wanted to focus on seniors and long term stays, I also had any volunteer I saw walking a dog come by to get them photographed.  Hexagon is estimated to be about 4 months old, and luckily has not been at the shelter long, and let’s keep it that way.  She’s playful, but listens well.  Give her a chance.

  Shelter pets (1 of 1)-4

McNabbins, well he cracked me up.  Mostly because it took me like 4 tries to get his name right.  And I’m still not positive I’m spelling it right, but I’m trying!  This guy is just gorgeous.  Look how pretty he sits for the camera!  He’s 4 years old, and ready to sit perfectly for your camera.  Look at those gentle eyes!

Shelter pets (1 of 1)-10 McNabbins

Paulie was another one of my favorites from the day.  He’s about 3 years old and listens wonderfully.  He sits, stays, and throw a blanket on him and he’s good to go.  I didn’t realize when I took the picture, he stuck his tongue out at me, but boy does it make the picture even more adorable.  He’s been living at the shelter for 9 months, almost a third of his life.  Let’s get him a home for the holidays!

    Shelter pets (1 of 1)-20 Shelter pets (1 of 1)-21 Paulie

Volunteer Keith was really excited to introduce me to Otto since it’s his favorite shelter dog, and you really saw Keith (and Otto) light up.  Otto is a 3 year old mixed breed whose been at the shelter for 6 months.  When I asked Keith why Otto is his favorite, he just laughed and said he’s a knucklehead with a huge personality.  While Keith will miss Otto, nothing will make him happier than to find him a home.  Check out those ears!  They match his personality!

Shelter pets (1 of 1)-23Shelter pets (1 of 1)-24

Lastly, there’s Travis, who is also in desperate need of a home.  This guy has been patiently waiting for his forever home for 15 months.  He’s roughly 3 months old and sits and lays down beautifully.  He’s the resident with the longest stay after Nicole from the first blog, so finding him a home is priority!

Shelter pets (1 of 1)-42

Make sure to check out the Facebook pages of MCAC the Foundation, and by all means, go check out one of these faces and fall in love!