Smash and splash one year session

Smash and splash one year session

Where time goes, I have no idea.  One minute I'm planning your newborn session with you, and the next I'm delivering your gallery from your smash and splash one year session.  How it goes so fast, I'll never understand.

When we planned her newborn session, we incorporated tons of color- it was gorgeous!  This go around, I asked her mom what colors she'd like to see, and she mentioned that Amelia looks really good in blue.  If you've been around for a minute, you know that when you tell me I can put a baby girl in blue- I'm running with this.

As a baby she photographed beautifully on my minty green backdrop so I also found an outfit to coordinate with one of my backdrops and the pops of color were perfect with the more neutral backdrop.  (Perks of hiring the same photographer for newborn and one year- we have all the same props, AND remember little details like best colors to photograph your family on).

Since mom didn't have a super specific preference for her cake, we threw in pink donuts as a nod to the theme for her first birthday party.  She enjoyed her cake a little more than some babies, and had a BLAST with the splash portion Most babies do- although we get the occasional one year old that is over the session and me at that point- I don’t blame them. I get over me sometimes too- ask my husband and kids 😉

Baby girl on blue smiling
Baby girl eating a pink donut

Mom tip- if your kids aren't picky- pick up Dunkin' Donuts the. night before. Apparently the donuts are on sale in the evening? Of course when I went, I had to pick up extra for my girls- because nine and six year olds don't bat at eye at day old donuts. They do however bat an eye if I bring home donuts that are not shareable- so alas- pink donuts galore were purchased.

Anyways, I was super excited for Amelia's session because I had spent the last year watching her grow up and I knew she brought a fabulous smile to everything.  Her session included. It took a minute to warm up, but that's completely normal, but once she did, it was a little piece of magic in my little studio. However, those big smiles were definitely once she had just for her momma.

Baby girl smiling on blue backdrop
Baby girl smashing her birthday cake
Baby girl on green wearing green outfit

One year Smash and Splash Session

After the session, her mom and I met for her reveal and picked our absolute favorite pictures for her album.  As Amelia grows, her mom wants to do a book for each year.  I’m so incredibly jealous of her thinking of that now.  It’s such a cool idea!  As we did the reveal her mom decided she wanted to add another wood print of Amelia’s one year session.  Eventually, it’ll be a triptych (a group of three similar sized prints) of Amelia as a newborn, the first picture below of her in the tub, and who knows what we’ll do for the last one!  Maybe a family picture, maybe just a second birthday- we’ll see!

Baby girl looking right at camera in baby sized claw foot tub Baby girl smiling on blue backdrop Baby girl playing in bathtub Baby girl smashing cake and making a scrunchy face Baby girl on mint green backdrop holding her hands out Baby girl licking her cake Baby girl in blue smiling at her mom Baby girl looking directly at the camera