The long awaited engagement session- the soon to be Howell’s!

Ok, so I know this is supposed to be about Lindsey & Brandon.  However, there's a Marlow in the picture, and little girl is even cuter than her name.  First of all- I'm envious of how talkative she is, she's not even two yet!  Secondly, she's so amazingly well behaved!  Even though we were encroaching on what is so often the witching hours for babes.  I almost let Mar steal the show with her adorableness, but alas, we sent her on her way with grandparents and carried on with our gorgeous evening!

Anyways, we had to wait literal months to get this session finally in!  First we had cold temps, then sickness, then wind (it was 100% necessary that we had to reschedule since two out of three of them had dresses on, it's a good thing we did).  Luckily we got a break in the wind, sickness, and HEAT, because I'm not about to make all this cute couples get all dressed up just to sweat through their well coordinated outfits in these summer days we've been having.  We had a BEAUTIFUL evening!  The light was perfect, and even though someone (I don't actually know who, I'm just being extra) mowed my beautiful long grass, there was so much to explore and photograph.  and Lindsey is girl after my own heart going barefoot everywhere.

But besides the beautiful evening, the couple themselves are beautiful.  Every time Brandon looks at Lindsey you can feel how much love he has for her and Marlow, and vice versa.  I didn't even have to guide them half the time with posing because they fell into each other so comfortably after two minutes, and their family pictures? Aaahmazing.  It was both endearing and sweet to witness and photograph this family of three

They say it takes a village, and when Lindsey and Brandon pulled up, so did two other cars!  One for the Milo the cute pup with a smushy face, and the other with grandparents for Marlow.  With this much love going on for the engagement session, I can't wait to capture their fall October wedding in just a few short months!  They are getting married at Hickory Point Golf Course and it is bound to be gorgeous with Lindsey's color scheme and the most adorable Marlow present!