Newborn in Rainbow Colors

Every once in awhile, I get the momma that simply doesn’t want to make decisions and leaves all the planning to me.  There is no shame in this.  I’ll still verify everything before we get started, but I knew this momma from previous sessions, so I knew she was going to enjoy all the color I planned on bringing to the session. Bring on a newborn in rainbow colors!

Unfortunately for me- I got cocky- it happens to the best of us, right?  This little girls sister that I photographed almost two years to the day literally slept the entire time, I couldn’t wake her up if I tried.  This one?  Not so much haha!

I had to WORK to get this little one into the poses, and even then, I worked very quickly once I got her in the pose because she busted out of each and every one before I got all of my angles and depths.

Luckily, patience is my middle name when it comes to my newborn work and I waited Becca out quite a bit.  I wish I had gotten an awake picture, but I was so sure she would be as sleepy as her sister that I expected her to fall asleep any second.  Lesson learned!

Newborn in rainbow colors. In yellow box on yellow backdrop

Newborn in rainbow colors. On green backdrop with green velvet bow Newborn in rainbow colors. On blue backdrop with blue tieback and blue wrap baby girl in rainbow colors

Newborn in Rainbow Colors

While I did a variety of colors, this girl was born for the jewel colors.  While I was excited to use a cacophony of color, I think the emerald green and navy blue are absolutely beautiful on her.  She had a tinge of red hair still at the time of her session, and I think the colors were gorgeous with her hair and skin tone.

Whether you’re looking for a rainbow colored newborn session or you lean towards neutrals, I have it all. Backdrops, layers, hats, bonnets, tiebacks, etc.  I've since added a few staple outfits in neutrals for the bed and other props.

What colors would you choose if you get free reign to design your newborn session?  I would love to design and customize the session of your dreams for your little one!  For more information on when to book your newborn session, click HERE.